For the character, see Vexx.
Play Station 2 Cover


Adventure, Action, Platformer


ESRB Rating:


Date Released:

  • NA: February 11, 2003
  • EU: April 4, 2003


Vexx is a video game that stars a character of the same name, a young man who is fueled by vengeance and is determined to reclaim balance to his world of Astara that has been conquered by the evil Dark Yabu. Vexx must navigate numerous puzzles and fight many foes along the way. He must collect at least 60 Wraithhearts within 9 different worlds to charge the Rift Hubdefeat Dark Yabu, and restore peace in his homeworld of Astara.


Vexx received mixed reviews from various different critics. A majority of the reviews were average; commonly praising the game for its originality and platforming, however the critics have also profusely mentioned their distress about camera angling issues, and a few even proclaimed that Vexx is just a darker version of Mario due to similar gameplay mechanics.

Today Vexx is essentially unpopular, as it is unheard of by a majority of gamers across the world. Most individuals who have played the game however believe that Vexx is horribly underrated by critics such as IGN and GameSpot.

The End of Acclaim Entertainment and Throwback EntertainmentEdit

In 2006, Acclaim Entertainment, the company that created Vexx, went out of business and the rights of Vexx and many of Acclaim's games were sold to Throwback Entertainment. With this, many fans began to speculate that Throwback will either edit the original Vexx game to make it better, or to create a sequel which would answer fan questions concerning Vexx's imprisonment in the Shadow Realms and if he would return to Astara or not.

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  • There was originally going to be a Game Boy Advance version of this game, but it was eventually canceled.

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