Quote1 Vexx's tough old grandfather, Vargas, is the aging guardian of the village of Overwood. Even as the years slow him, he never backs down from a fight, and has taught his grandson to never take anyone else's gaff either. Quote2
Official manual


V screen013

Vargas and Vexx, both surrounded by Yabu's minions.

Vargas was Vexx's grandfather and the guardian of the village of Overwood. When the Shadowraith Dark Yabu invaded Astara, Vargas was imprisoned along with his grandson, and taken to the mines to dig for Wraithhearts along with the others. When Vexx attempted to aid Vargas in a brief moment of collapse, Vexx got whipped in the back, and as retaliation, tried to attack his oppressor, but was stopped by Yabu himself. Just when he was gonna kill the poor boy, Vargas threw his pickaxe at the Shadowraith, injuring him. Infuriated, Yabu turned his powers onto the old man, and killed him in Vexx's place.

According to the Astani War Talons, his soul could be freed if Vexx destroys Yabu. His eventual fate is unknown and was not shown to the player.

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