Vexx Overlooking Most Of Timberdale

Timberdale is the first world you can enter. The game officially begins within the Hall of Heroes located in Timberdale where Darby explains Vexx's quest to locate the Wraith hearts scattered across the area. Timberdale features a woodland theme with waterfalls, mountains, and a cluster of trees. Rocks constantly bombard the area, with shattering rocks showering the location periodically. Fortunately this is only an effect and doesn't actually harm Vexx if he is near a shattering rock. The area contains 10 different hearts that one may collect.

Timberdale, As Seen From The Entry Area

The main feature of Timberdale is the colossal tree that features a village that may or may not be The Overwood. It contains various different challenges to navigate, including Sumo Kin's Arena.

Timberdale's Giant Tree

Vexx tree village
Vexx cliff stream
Vexx setsun


It contains the following enemies:


This is a list of special places in Timberdale:


thumb|left|240px|Timberdale Day Theme

thumb|270px|left|Timberdale's Night Theme