Vexx overlooking the Neverglades Temple.

Vexx water well hqdefault

Vexx inside the Electric Well.


Vexx, Climbing The Sand Temple

Vexx never bridge
Vexx relic garden
The Neverglades is the third world you unlock. You need to collect 5 Wraithhearts to unlock it. The Neverglades is a widely-spread jungle themed level that features a massive waterfall, and various different ruins of Astara. There are 9 possible hearts that the player can obtain in this level.



There are many important places in The Netherglades including:


Vexx OST - The Neverglades (Day)03:16

Vexx OST - The Neverglades (Day)

The Neverglades Day Theme

Vexx OST- The Neverglades (Night)04:58

Vexx OST- The Neverglades (Night)

The Neverglades Night Theme

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