Tempest Peak Manor Bookshelf

A bookshelf, found near the piano.

Vexx 077

Vexx, on the ceiling rafter.

Vexx 067

Vexx, by the TV remote.

Vexx hidey vexx

Hiding from Rex is no use.

Vexx break brick
Vexx jar light
Vexx clocky gear
Tempest Peak Manor is the fourth world in Vexx. 11 Wraithhearts are needed to unlock it. Unlike the other worlds, Tempest Peak Manor consists of a completely indoor environment with the theme of a giant, abandoned house. Tempest Peak Manor contains a kitchen with a few spices, a sink with murky water, a grandfather clock, a sofa with a small television and gaming console, a bookcase, a chandolier, a piano, and a door with a boarded lock. There are 9 hearts that the player can possibly retreive in this level.

The history of Tempest Peak Manor should never have been debatable on whether Vexx is shrunken to the size of an ant in a common home, or if the home belongs to a giant creature that abandoned it long ago. This issue is clearly explained in the official manual shipped with the game. It states, in the "Creatures" entry for Rex, that the manor was home to the Storm Giant, who was sucked through a rift into the shadowrealm 700 years prior to the events of the game. This confirms that Vexx is not shrunken down, but simply in a manor made for a giant.


Main article: RexEdit

In Tempest Peak Manor, a giant, ugly monstrocity of a pet (Rex) can be found skulking around the floor. Rex is one of the few enemies that can't be killed, so attacking him is pointless. If you fall on the floor, quickly search for either an air vent or a cushion. 


Here is a list of enemies here:


Here is a list of places in Tempest Peak Manor:


thumb|270px|left|Tempest Peak Manor Day Theme

thumb|left|270px|Tempest Peak Manor Night Theme


  • The gaming console in front of the TV bears a resemblance to the Xbox, and is highly likely to be based on the console.
  • If you don't count inside the piano and grandfather clock, Tempest Peak Manor is the only world that has no edges and bottomless pits.

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