Sumo wireframe color



World of Origin:

The Shadow Realm

Level of Difficulty:

  • Medium (Timberdale)
  • Very hard (The Below)
A walking, rocking, belly-knocking 2-ton slab of blubber. Sumo-Kin has waited 700 years for another challenger. If you can battle the bulge you win a prize.

Watch it, Sumo-Kin has some other tricks in his rolls of fat.


Sumo-Kin is found in two distinct worlds:

Timberdale Edit

He is found on a big ring at the top of the giant tree. He challenges Vexx to a wrestling match: first one to fall three times loses.

The BelowEdit

He is much harder to beat here. This time he is in one of the four domes. The rules are almost exactly the same, but now Vexx only needs one deep fall to lose, while Sumo-Kin still needs to fall three times.


Sumo-Kin has a variety of powers to use in his matches.

  • Bump his belly around to hit Vexx.
  • Propel himself across the ring.
  • In Timberdale, he cracks his knuckles and summons a magnetic ray to attract Vexx to his hand, if he succeeds, Sumo-Kin hits him and throws Vexx off the ring.
  • In The Below, he can control the rocks floating above them, making them smash where Vexx is standing.