Vexx Sage Summit Clear

Vexx Entering The Summit Of The Sages


The Interior Of The Machine Head

Summit of the Sages is the seventh world in Vexx. It requires 34 Wraithhearts to unlock. True to its name, Summit of the Sages features three anonymous heads composed out of stone with one of them being Vexx upon a massive peak of a mountain. The right head is unknown but may be a representation of a man who had an obsession with water and contains one Wraithheart. The middle head is also unknown,
Vexx 23

The Lake

Vexx Sage Summit Clear view
Vexx summit of sages scorpion
but this man might have been famous for inventing machines and other mechanisms for Astara and contains two Wraithhearts. The left head features Vexx (at first nothing but a cluster of rocks that need to be blasted by hopping on three buttons) and a mysterious waterfall of quicksand. This area contains two Wraithhearts. Beneath the mountain are a series of submerged statues within a lake that is fed by a waterfall. There are 8 possible hearts that the player may obtain in this world.



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