Vexx rock 4

The Rock Suit.

Vexx Air suit

The Air Suit.

Suits are upgrades Vexx uses in order to receive Wraithhearts that are otherwise unobtainable without them. There are two suits:

Rock SuitEdit

Main article: Rock Suit

The Rock Suit makes Vexx invincible and hot as lava. It allows him to smash substances he can't without the suit, like crystal containers that have Wraithhearts in them.

Air SuitEdit

Main article: Air Suit

The Air Suit lets Vexx glide over long distances to reach Wraithhearts that are too high up or too far away to reach normally.


  • According to rumor, there is a hidden third suit called the Cow Suit that can be found in Timberdale. However, due to the lack of evidence (there are no photos or videos to back it up), it is highly likely to be a myth. Unsurprisingly, its abilities are unknown.

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