Concept art of Submarilis.

Vexx timberdale tower

The normal version of the central tower.

Vexx sand tower

The secret sand version.

Vexxy swimmy maxresdefault

Vexx swimming inside one of the outer towers.

Vexx tower heart thing maxresdefault

The top of the central tower.

Submarillis, also known as Model Castle, is a secret area in Timberdale, found above the Hall of Heroes. It consists of a courtyard, three surrounding rowers, and larger one standing in the centre.

The three surrounding towers have strange rings Vexx must swim through, causing a Wraithheart to appear in the central courtyard, while a second Wraithheart is found by scaling the central Tower.

Once Vexx has entered Dragonreach, a secret Heart can be found by entering Submarillis once more.

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