Vexx hop n drop

Hop And Drop

Vexx ring catch

Ring Catching

Inner Demon Games are games played with Inner Demons. If you win one you get a Wraithheart.


There are two types of Inner Demon games:

Hop and DropEdit

Main article: Hop and Drop

One is called Hop and Drop. In hop and drop, the player has to make more platforms drop than everyone else by walking on them.

Ring CatchingEdit

Main article: Ring Catching

In Ring catching the player has to collect the most rings out of the group. The player with the least amount of points for either game is eliminated. The goal is to be the last man standing to win and gain a wraithheart.


Some worlds have them, here is a table of which worlds have what:

World Game
Dragonreach Hop and Drop
The Netherglades Ring Catching
Tempest Peak Manor Ring Catching
Summit of the Sages Hop and Drop

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