Vexx overlooking Dragonreach.

Vexx water tunnel

Vexx inside the underwater maze.

Vexx 207052
Dragonreach is the second world, requiring two Wraithhearts to unlock.

It is a large, arid region, featuring a large dragon skeleton, which the level gains its name from. This world is based off the Badlands of Texas, and probably a Palaeontologist discovery of the Dragons of Astara , thus making it like a digsite before Yabu was released.. Three wells can also be found, with a vast underwater maze connected to them.

A hidden shrine can be found within the Dragon skeleton where one of the Wraithhearts can be found.



This is a list of important places in Dragonreach:

  • Underwater passages
  • Inner Demons Games
  • Dragonreach Cavern/ Shrine
  • Floating Ship
  • Dragon Skeleton


  • According to an early Vexx trailer, Daggercrag and Dragonreach were supposed to be one massive world, however time constraints and the lack of a 9th level prompted these levels to be separate. 
  • This is the first world to involve an Inner Demons Game. 
  • The Dragon Skeleton is based off the Drakk a species of land dwelling dragon. 

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