Quote1 There are none more evil than the Shadowraith Dark Yabu, a creature so vile and troubling that generations curse his name. He is the cause of much misery, and the one Vexx is sworn to vanquish. He will not be conquered easily... Quote2
Official manual
Dark Yabu


Unknown [700+(?)]



World of Origin:

The Shadow Realm




Blueish black


Gradient from red to yellow on sclera, orange iris, slit black pupils




Beta version of Yabu.

Dark Yabu was a Shadowraith that had caused lots of misery to lots of people. After the creature killed Vexx's grandfather, he became the boy's ultimate enemy. After collecting enough Wraithhearts (60 to be a matter of fact), he fights Yabu in the Shadowrealm and kills him, but becomes trapped in the Shadowrealm shortly after.

Personality Edit

He shows no empathy to life courtesy of being a Shadowwraith and he is also a shapeshifter, as seen as Darby making him more dishonest and manipulative letting others do his dirty work, including Vexx.

Story Edit

He first shows up during the ransack of Vexx's village, then enslaving them (probably to find the Wraithhearts), as Vexx went to free himself, Yabu then attacks him, as Vargas confronted him, Yabu destroyed him in a flash.Before the introduction ended it was at first unsure if he survived the blast caused by Vexx's new found weapon.

When Vexx meets Reia it later revealed he survived the blast, disguised as Darby revealing he lied about being the only survivor of Timberdale. He takes the staff then thanks Vexx for his support because his mind was clouded by revenge which Yabu took advantage of.

In the battle between Vexx and Yabu were fierce, he then was disadvantaged by Vex taking his Amulet, and by Vexx using his power against left a fatal blow, and was sucked into the Underworld never to rise again.

Trivia Edit

  • He similar to Jafar from Disney's Aladdin courtesy of manipulating Vexx as Darby as Jafar did Aladdin in the form of the Peddler.
  • He is also similar to Hades from Disney's Hercules courtesy of both having smoke for legs, and for no regard of life.
  • He is similar to Thrax from Osmosis Jones because of a sadistic personality and have a murderous power that can kill in an instant.
  • Both Yabu and Darby are credited in-game as being voiced by prolific Scottish actor Brian Cox.

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